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December 2013

Visit the France Show 2014

  • It will soon be time for the France Show which is held each January at Earls Court Exhibition Centre, London. In 2014 the show runs from Friday 17th Jan to Sunday 19th Jan inclusive. Tickets are available now at a reduced price until the 31st December. A great day out for everyone interested in France and all things French. This is the largest show of its type in the U.K. The webmaster hopes to be there on the Friday. Look out for authors Julia Stagg and Carol Drinkwater who plan to be at the show. Click here to visit the website and purchase tickets in advance.

November 2013

  • Riviera Buzz Magazine this month features an exclusive interview with Maureen Emerson. She talks about her new book 'Living & Loving on the Riviera', and her first book, 'Escape to Provence'. Don't miss this excellent piece. Click here to read now.

  • THANK YOU! Thank you very much indeed to the visitor to the site from the United States of America who has kindly made a donation towards the running costs. The charge to host the site has risen over the years and it receives no funding or sponsorship save the occasional sale of a book. This donation has gone a good way to covering another years hosting and I am extremely grateful. Peter, Webmaster.

  • A new page, photos and information about Many Waters, Winifred Fortescue's wartime home deep in Sussex, England. Click here to visit.

September  - October 2013

  • Julia Stagg's new book, the third of the Fogas Chronicles, 'The French Postmistress', was officially launched at Coventry Central Library on Saturday 21st September and the webmaster had the privilege of an invitation to the event. A lovely afternoon and although there is no direct connection with Lady Fortescue and the Alpes-Maritime, Julia's books are irresistible and I just have to give them a mention. If you haven't read one visit Julia's web site and start with the first of three. Julia hopes to be at The France Show 2014.

Julia Stagg at the launch of her third book

Signing books

Julia Stagg at the launch of her third book


Julia Stagg at the launch of her third book

Chatting to fans

June - July -August 2013

  • Where has the summer gone?! It was certainly a good one in the U.K. and Fortescue country, France. The webmaster has been busy gathering more information to add to the site during the autumn.

Perfume from Provence by Summersdale Publishing - May 2009

'Perfume from Provence'
by Winifred Fortescue

Escape to Provence by Maureen Emerson, published July 2008

'Escape to Provence'
by Maureen Emerson

March - April - May 2013

  • Spring is gathering apace and the south has geared up for the film festival week at Cannes and the famous Grand Prix at Monaco. Carnival time seems to have come and gone in a flash. The weather could be bit better, frequent downpours and high winds. Maureen Emerson is progressing well with her new title, 'Living and Loving on the Riviera', for more more information click here. Julia Stagg's new book, the third of the Fogas Chronicles, 'The French Postmistress', is out now and is highly recommended. More items to come as soon as time permits. Keep visiting the site!

January - February 2013

  • January has been and gone along with the France Show 2013 which was another success despite the snow which stopped many people getting there. February is now half way through and the carnival season is getting under way in the south of France, the Mimosa just starting to flower. It's seems a little later this year possibly as the weather has been chilly at times. The resorts on the coast are already getting ready for the season with fresh paint in evidence and many a restaurant having a make over.

  • To learn more about what is happening in the south why not visit the magazine Riviera-Buzz and read a great selection of articles about, amongst other things, the Carnival, the Victorine Film Studios and much more. Just follow the link and click here. (Must give this a plug as one of the writers is the webmasters daughter who lives in Nice).

Fresh paint for the summer season!    Early Mimosa starting to blossom.

  • Author Maureen Emerson is working on her next book, 'Living and Loving on the Riviera' and her original book 'Escape to Provence' is still readily available through the website or as a Kindle e-book from Amazon.

  • Julia Stagg's new book, the third of the Fogas Chronicles, 'The French Postmistress', will be available from bookshops on the 25th April 2013.

  • A new photo has been added to the page about Elisabeth Starr, kindly supplied by Mark Brett its shows nurses posing for the camera at the headquarters of the French War Emergency Fund in Paris during the Great War. Mark has some wonderful photos of the FWEF of which Elisabeth Starr was a prominent member and a friend of his mother.  Mrs Brett was also there and corresponded with Elisabeth in Opio for several years. It was she who took the pictures of the Castello when it had just been bought in 1921/22. Click here


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