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 before her marriage in 1914

Beauty in Pinkie and the Fairies

Studio photograph by Dover Street Studios

1910 review at The Coronet

Press Reviews

1910 review The Globe

Press Reviews

1910 review The Varsity

Press Reviews

An impressive Varsity Review

The actress Winifred Beech

As Beauty in 'Pinkie and the Fairies'
at His Majesty's Theatre in 1908.
She has recently been playing in
'She stoops to Conquer' at the Haymarket



“Home Truths” the one-act play by Miss Effie Adelaide Rowlands, which last night preceded Sister Anne at the Coronet, is quite a good little piece of its kind-the kind that, like the mother of the heroine, is not inaptly described as –“a lump of sweetness." Mrs. Eldridge, the rheumatic and refined mother in question, making a brave struggle against poverty and an impossible son and daughter; her elder daughter, Mary, who has been adopted by a rich godmother and has never lived at home; and Anthony Dare, the rich young American at whose head Mary has been thrown by her worldly godmother, are all three the very incarnation of sweetness. But the vulgarity of Herbert and Emmie, the stay-at-home son and daughter, and of George Trust, Emmie's horsey-looking lover, save the situation and prevent the play from seeming sweet to the point of insipidity. The brother and sister are ugly- voiced, bad-tempered, and selfish, and between them are giving their poor mother a very bad time when the other daughter, Mary, comes home-because, though she loves the American, she will not be a party to her godmother's matrimonial designs-and declares her intention of sharing their poverty and looking after them all. Of course she is followed by the rich American, and of course she refuses to accept his love and saddle him with her disagreeable relations; and at last he is just going to give her up when the brother and sister so plainly and brutally show that they do not want her that they practically throw her into his arms. The play was brightly acted by Miss Winifred Beech, Miss Marion Ashworth, Mr. Arthur Cleave, Mr. Frederic Sargent, Mr. William Rokeby, and Miss Viva Birkett, the last of whom looked and spoke charmingly as the sympathetic daughter. Honte Trtishis makes a capital introduction to Madame Albanesi's play, which, with Miss Marion Terry's acting, continues to draw good houses to the Coronet.

The Times - 29th September 1910


Pinkie and the Fairies - 1908 first night programme - view the complete programme in pdf format

The First Night programme for Pinkie and the Fairies at
His Majesty's Theatre December 19th 1908

The full programme can be viewed by clicking here


As Beauty in 'Pinkie and the Fairies'

As Beauty in 'Pinkie and the Fairies'
at His Majesty's Theatre in 1908.

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19th December 1908

His Majesty’s Theatre - Mr Tree

Tonight and every evening at 8.15.


A Fairy Play for Children and Others by W. Graham ROBERTSON.

Music by Frederic NORTON Produced by H. Beerbohm Tree


Miss Marie Lohr                      Miss Viola Tree                       Miss Stella Patrick Campbell

Miss Iris Hawkings                 Miss Augustra Haviland         Miss Winifred Beech

Mr. Frederick Volpe               Master Philip Tonge

 Matinees,  Monday, Wednesdays and Sats, at 2.30.

Box Office opens 10 to 10.  Seats booked from 2s.

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