Letters from Devon



In 2020 Martin Reilly had a lucky find when he purchased, via the internet, a 1944 edition of There's Rosemary, There's Rue. Carefully tucked inside the covers he found a collection of letters written by Winifred Fortescue whilst living in 'exile' in her caravan and a summer house in Devon. The letters, in excellent condition, are almost worthy of a short novel and reflect how Winifred was doing her best for the people of France during difficult circumstances.

In another lucky purchase, the inscription in this copy of Beauty for Ashes, belowis dedicated to the family that supplied Winifred with logs during her stay in the caravan and summer house in her Devon 'exile'.

Martin also managed to find in the U.S.A. an original print of the photograph that Winifred used in the front of her 1943 book Mountain Madness. The stamp on the reverse shows it was taken in London.

Photo frontpiece

Rear of photo

Letter collection from Devon

Inscription in front of Beauty for Ashes

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