Laughter in Provence 1951 - 71



Laughter in Provenceprinted 1951 second edition with plain jacket


This is an interesting copy of what appears to be a 'hybrid' edition. The book is clearly dated inside as 1951, (second edition), but the crisp mint condition jacket is priced 75p. Decimal coinage was not introduced into the UK until 1971. The most likely explanation is old stock found at a warehouse and to help dispose of it a new 'modern' jacket was printed. Another is that Blackwood's were taken over about this time and the new owners wanted to dispose of old stock in the same fashion. Whether they had original 1950's dust jackets with the colour painting is unknown. 

The other interesting point is that the jacket bears an ISBN number which again is a relatively recent invention, certainly not in use in the 1950's. In most respects the actual book is the same as the 1951 original, green covers but with black lettering instead of silver. It is very slightly thinner being on thinner paper. Further enquiries about the origin are being made !

Hard Back Published by William Blackwood & Sons Ltd, London
Publication Date: 1951 210 pages ISBN:
0 85158 060 2

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