Hilaire & Emilia



Hilaire c1931

Emilia c1931


These photographs may have been taken on the same day as 'La Cabade' in 1931. Hilaire came with the property and was 56 yrs of age, although Winifred always thought he looked older. A former soldier who lived through the Dardanelles and Salonica campaigns. His antics are well documented in 'Perfume from Provence'.


After a rather bad start with a series of staff Emilia was taken on and Sir John and Winifred immediately took to her and she to them. Although Italian, she had been born in Grasse and knew everyone! She would often shop with Winifred and introduced her, for example to the lower town market, away from the grander high town, where prices were higher as many English & Americans would not slither down the narrow streets to the lower town!

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Pictures - A niece of Lady Fortescue